Quoth the Raven | St. Augustine Weddings

February 08, 2017  •  1 Comment

Have you ever been to a Poe themed wedding? Me neither, until this year! I don't shoot many weddings anymore - life has offered up other things to fill that time! I'm used to the white wedding gown in a church ceremony with the typical, yet beautiful, flowers and candles and photos and things. When Ashlee and Dana told me their wedding theme and colors, it was perfect for them and they did a wonderful job with the cake and decorations! I also saw pictures of each of their outfits beforehand and knew they would fit their theme and each other. I decided that today would be a day for sharing just a couple photos...something I feel fits their theme and personalities. Enjoy and then check back for more sharing because there are a lot of photos to enjoy!

ps...congratulations Dana and Ashlee!

Dana and Ashlee-002 watermarkedDana and Ashlee-002 watermarked Reaching out watermarkedReaching out watermarked without strangeness - watermarkedwithout strangeness - watermarked Dana and Ashlee-006 watermarkedDana and Ashlee-006 watermarked


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