The Faces of Haiti

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I am a people watcher. I look for the stories that faces, body language and relationships portray. I love using my camera to capture those stories. I recently went on a mission trip to Haiti with other members of my church - Deermeadows Baptist. It was one of those life events that changes you and because normal life hits at the speed of light when you return home, it has taken seemingly forever to process the events and emotions from the experience.

I have yet to adequately put words to my experience in Haiti. Everything was so different - from the traffic & our mode of transportation, to the food, our accommodations (which were quite pleasant compared to those we came to serve) and most especially, our surroundings. Not once did I ever feel in danger, but I could see and feel the turmoil that those around me were living with daily. And yet, there was joy, laughter and normalcy. Children walking to school in uniforms which depicted which school they attended and the girls had matching colored ribbons in their hair! Street vendors walking through neighborhoods calling out to those needing their services and wares. In the distance, the humming of traffic and honking horns as the busy day began.

It was one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences of my life. The work was hard physically and even more so emotionally. So many children and adults, both young & old, coming for medical help and anything else we could provide. I did not understand the native language, but I recognized the smiles, the brightness in their eyes, and the way their faces lit up when they received whatever we could give. The love between family members and the laughter among friends filled the air. The hugs and smiles from the children still tug at my heart.

There is disease, extreme poverty and hunger in Haiti, but there is also hope, a desire to work for better and humble gratitude. There are so many stories to capture in Haiti and I have many, many photos. These represent just some of the Faces of Haiti...the ones that tug at my heart in ways I cannot describe. They have beautiful smiling eyes or worn lines telling of the hardness of life in their country. I will share more here at some point, and head over to @basicbtees for her |women supporting women| promotion helping women in Haiti learn skilled trades to support themselves and their families.








Faces of Haiti lo res-007Faces of Haiti lo res-007




Faces of Haiti lo res-012Faces of Haiti lo res-012




Faces of Haiti lo res-015Faces of Haiti lo res-015




Faces of Haiti lo res-016Faces of Haiti lo res-016




Faces of Haiti lo res-022Faces of Haiti lo res-022




Faces of Haiti lo res-023Faces of Haiti lo res-023




Faces of Haiti lo res-024Faces of Haiti lo res-024




Faces of Haiti lo res-019Faces of Haiti lo res-019




Faces of Haiti lo res-028Faces of Haiti lo res-028




Faces of Haiti lo res-030Faces of Haiti lo res-030



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