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April 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I don't usually post photos from my church here...I think that is going to change because my church family is a huge part of my life!

They call me the "official church photographer" which I think is funny and sweet. I do photograph a lot of events and happenings, including Baptisms, Fall Festival, Children's programs and worship services but I'm definitely not the only one taking photos!

This past weekend - Thursday through Saturday - we hosted the 'Inspire! Choral Festival' and as part of that event, our choir and orchestra offered an evening concert for all the participants and our church family. We are doing it again Sunday morning (as in tomorrow) if you would like to join us. It was a meaningful, worshipful, holy night and I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning!

As the "church photographer" and a member of the choir, I sometimes have to choose which I'm going to do...take photos or sing. Quite honestly, I always choose the taking of photos because I absolutely LOVE to do that - and my voice isn't what it used to be! Mark, our Music Minister/Worship Pastor, humors me...and probably wonders why I go through all the hours of rehearsal and practice to not sing.

Well, this past Thursday night I did both...kind of! I set up my camera and my dear friend, Wanda Carmichael, pressed the shutter button to take some photos of the event. Afterwards, she emphasized that she didn't change anything - even after I told her it would be alright. Wanda - THANK YOU! You did well ;-)

RISE!-001RISE!-001 RISE!-002RISE!-002 RISE!-003RISE!-003 RISE!-004RISE!-004 RISE!-005RISE!-005 RISE!-006RISE!-006 RISE!-007RISE!-007 RISE!-008RISE!-008

Thank you choir and orchestra for this night! Thank you, Mark, for the blessing of your ministry and guiding us in worship through music.


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