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What a lovely day! | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

June 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was given the blessing and honor of photographing Lauren and Tim's wedding and I'm sure glad I did! I've known Lauren for several years and I adore her spirit, her heart and her humor. She puts up with my "mom advice" and incessant questions at church where I help put the music together for choir and orchestra (as well as photograph things and people!) Lauren's earthy decor was truly beautiful and very "unfussy", just like her. I loved the bees and the flowers! She beamed all day with giddy excitement and was a joy to work with. I love the connection and relationship she has with her family and only cried once when photographing her with her dad. It was a little windy, but the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for Florida in May! By the time we left for her "dress romp", the sky was filled with smoke and falling ash from burning wildfires north of town which made for a bizarre skyline. Thank you Lauren and Tim for a wonderful day. I can't wait to see what unfolds in your future together!


Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-006Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-006 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-008Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-008 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-025Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-025 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-027Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-027


Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-031Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-031 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-033Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-033 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-044Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-044 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-047Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-047 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-052Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-052 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-063Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-063 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-065Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-065 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-074Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-074 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-079Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-079 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-082Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-082 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-084Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-084 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-111Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-111 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-112Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-112 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-154Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-154 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-156Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-156 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-161Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-161 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-162Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-162 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-167Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-167 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-186Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-186 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-188Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-188 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-189Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-189 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-194Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-194 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-196Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-196 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-197Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-197 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-202Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-202 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-203Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-203 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-211Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-211 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-217Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-217 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-225Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-225 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-234Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-234 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-252Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-252 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-254Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-254 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-256Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-256 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-260Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-260 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-266Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-266 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-272Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-272 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-278Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-278 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-103Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-103

Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-100Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-100 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-106Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-106 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-107Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-107 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-108Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-108 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-109Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-109 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-295Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-295 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-300Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-300 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-307Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-307 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-311Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-311 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-324Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-324 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-325Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-325 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-345Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-345 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-361Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-361 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-402Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-402 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-404Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-404 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-405Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-405 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-409Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-409 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-413Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-413 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-420Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-420 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-421Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-421 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-427Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-427 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-429Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-429 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-432Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-432 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-433Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-433 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-435Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-435 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-438Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-438 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-440Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-440 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-442Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-442 Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-451Lauren-and-Tim-lo-res-451

Quoth the Raven | St. Augustine Weddings

February 08, 2017  •  1 Comment

Have you ever been to a Poe themed wedding? Me neither, until this year! I don't shoot many weddings anymore - life has offered up other things to fill that time! I'm used to the white wedding gown in a church ceremony with the typical, yet beautiful, flowers and candles and photos and things. When Ashlee and Dana told me their wedding theme and colors, it was perfect for them and they did a wonderful job with the cake and decorations! I also saw pictures of each of their outfits beforehand and knew they would fit their theme and each other. I decided that today would be a day for sharing just a couple photos...something I feel fits their theme and personalities. Enjoy and then check back for more sharing because there are a lot of photos to enjoy!

ps...congratulations Dana and Ashlee!

Dana and Ashlee-002 watermarkedDana and Ashlee-002 watermarked Reaching out watermarkedReaching out watermarked without strangeness - watermarkedwithout strangeness - watermarked Dana and Ashlee-006 watermarkedDana and Ashlee-006 watermarked

Brain farts - I have them all the time!

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I enjoy photographing homes. I know, kinda weird...but I like walking into homes - especially newly built homes - and finding the best angles and lighting to showcase the qualities and features everyone loves. Luckily for me, my husband builds homes and asks me to photograph them! I do get to photograph other homes too, but he's my favorite.

One area his company, New Leaf Construction, is currently building in is Providence Island in Queen's Harbor. It is literally an island, surrounded by marsh grass and other plant and animal life. Their first home is closing this Friday and I was able to squeeze in amidst the trade partners trying to finish up the details for the new homeowners. I love the amount of windows in this home and the beautiful light on this sunny, Florida day. The chandeliers twinkled and little beads of light washed over the walls when the light hit just right.

When I finished, I packed up, thanked everyone and headed out. Before I reached my car I realized I had locked my keys and phone inside the car in my other camera bag...the one I decided last minute I would not need! One of the busy trade partners stopped what he was doing and tried to unlock the door, but my Kia Soul was unforgiving. I borrowed a phone and called the hubs, who passed the buck to our daughter because he had a meeting. I decided to enjoy my wait time and went off to explore. An hour later, I'm driving my car to meet her for lunch at our favorite burger joint - Epic Burger! She made sure I had my keys before we went in...I'm sure it won't be the last time I'm reminded of this day.

The model for this neighborhood should be done in 4-6 weeks and I will get to photograph that one too! I had a hand in choosing the counter tops and other finishes so I'm looking forward to the finished product. I promise to keep my keys in a pocket...or take all the camera bags inside! 

If you would like more information on Providence Island, please contact Susan Dunham with Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners. She would love to walk you through the model home, which is for sale, and share information on how you can enjoy these views everyday!


Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-004Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-004

Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-010Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-010

Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-015Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-015

Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-017Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-017

Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-020Lot 13 QH lo res facebook-020

Who wouldn't want this view out their windows?

The Faces of Haiti

July 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am a people watcher. I look for the stories that faces, body language and relationships portray. I love using my camera to capture those stories. I recently went on a mission trip to Haiti with other members of my church - Deermeadows Baptist. It was one of those life events that changes you and because normal life hits at the speed of light when you return home, it has taken seemingly forever to process the events and emotions from the experience.

I have yet to adequately put words to my experience in Haiti. Everything was so different - from the traffic & our mode of transportation, to the food, our accommodations (which were quite pleasant compared to those we came to serve) and most especially, our surroundings. Not once did I ever feel in danger, but I could see and feel the turmoil that those around me were living with daily. And yet, there was joy, laughter and normalcy. Children walking to school in uniforms which depicted which school they attended and the girls had matching colored ribbons in their hair! Street vendors walking through neighborhoods calling out to those needing their services and wares. In the distance, the humming of traffic and honking horns as the busy day began.

It was one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences of my life. The work was hard physically and even more so emotionally. So many children and adults, both young & old, coming for medical help and anything else we could provide. I did not understand the native language, but I recognized the smiles, the brightness in their eyes, and the way their faces lit up when they received whatever we could give. The love between family members and the laughter among friends filled the air. The hugs and smiles from the children still tug at my heart.

There is disease, extreme poverty and hunger in Haiti, but there is also hope, a desire to work for better and humble gratitude. There are so many stories to capture in Haiti and I have many, many photos. These represent just some of the Faces of Haiti...the ones that tug at my heart in ways I cannot describe. They have beautiful smiling eyes or worn lines telling of the hardness of life in their country. I will share more here at some point, and head over to @basicbtees for her |women supporting women| promotion helping women in Haiti learn skilled trades to support themselves and their families.








Faces of Haiti lo res-007Faces of Haiti lo res-007




Faces of Haiti lo res-012Faces of Haiti lo res-012




Faces of Haiti lo res-015Faces of Haiti lo res-015




Faces of Haiti lo res-016Faces of Haiti lo res-016




Faces of Haiti lo res-022Faces of Haiti lo res-022




Faces of Haiti lo res-023Faces of Haiti lo res-023




Faces of Haiti lo res-024Faces of Haiti lo res-024




Faces of Haiti lo res-019Faces of Haiti lo res-019




Faces of Haiti lo res-028Faces of Haiti lo res-028




Faces of Haiti lo res-030Faces of Haiti lo res-030


the "it's now or never" photoshoot

April 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

My niece is pregnant with her second child and will be giving birth very soon! Like her mother, she is very reluctant to have her photo taken and puts off having any done until we get to "it's now or never!" I love her dearly and am looking forward to the new little one (and newborn photos with big sister!) I think my niece is absolutely beautiful and I wanted to share with her a couple photos before I leave for a mission trip to Haiti. We have to head out at 4:15am...NOT my idea...and I should probably get some sleep!


This is how you get 3 generations in one photo when one of those three very camera shy!


Kristen-fb002Kristen-fb002 Kristen-fb003Kristen-fb003 Kristen-fb004Kristen-fb004